Webgl must be enabled.

Arcade Shoot 'Em Up 2D

Controls (use a mouse):
AWSD to Move
Mouse to AIM
Left click to fire
Right click to warptime

Check highscores on twitter with the hashtag #evilGlitch

Acknowledgments in the repo.


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Movement won't work without fullscreen mode (chrome, windows8)

The game looks really cool, super polished graphics. Shooting stuff and kill them feels super good.

Movement doesn't feel right though. I think the camera should not scroll that much to the ship. Like maybe the ship could move a little bit before it scrolls, or maybe you could add screenshake ? the camera feels inflexible or something.

Great work anyway !! :) Scored 73000, might play again :)

You are right!
I made this game originally for this jam:
There it works good, I'm going to try figure out what is wrong with the controls, thanks for your feedback!